Registration of a Foreign Company, Kenya.

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Registration of Foreign company in Kenya

A foreign National or company wishing to Trade and do Business in Kenya, can opt to Register their already existing foreign" company in Kenya.
This is referred to as a "Foreign Company" Registration with the Registration certificate issued being a Certificate of compliance.

A Foreign Company is hence a Company registered outside Kenya, Under the laws of that country and given compliance under Kenyan Law to do Business in Kenya.

How to register a Foreign Company in Kenya.

Requirements for Foreign Company Registration in Kenya.

- Certified copies of foreign company’s memorandum and Articles of Association.
- Certified copy of the certificate of Incorporation duly certified by a Notary Public.
- If in a Foreign Language, certified copies of translated documents by a Notary Public.

- Appointment of a Local representative of the Foreign company in Kenya.
- Registered address of the Foreign company in County of registration.
- Proposed Registered address in Kenya.
- Copies of Passport and passport photos of the Directors / shareholders.

Local Prescribed Forms for Foreign company Registration.

- List of documents delivered for registration by a company
incorporated outside Kenya.

- List and particulars of the directors and secretary of a company
incorporated outside Kenya.

- List of names and addresses of the persons resident in Kenya
authorized to receive service on behalf of a company incorporated outside Kenya.

- Notice of situation of registered or principal office or change therein of
a company incorporated outside Kenya.

- Upon a successful submission of the required documents for registration, the company   shall be issued with a "Certificate of Compliance".

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