What is a special pass in Kenya?

An immigration special Pass is a immigration permit issued to Foreign Nationals or Foreign Business representatives wishing to work, conduct Business, consult, volunteer or generally to carry on business activities in the country for a short period of time.

A special Pass may be issued for a Month or for a duration not exceeding three Months and is generally not renewable or transferable after three months.

Can I work on special pass in Kenya?

A foreigner issued with a Special pass can work in Kenya for the duration provided in the Special pass and for the specific entity applicant, under which the pass is provided.

Requirements for a Special Pass application in Kenya

  1. Personal Information:
    • Surname:
    • Other names(s):
    • Date of Birth (DD MM YY e.g. 24 Sep 2015):
    • Place of Birth:
    • Gender:
    • Nationality:
    • Marital Status:
  2. Employment Details:
    • Job Title:
    • Job Description:
    • Name of Employer:
    • Employer Postal Address:
    • Postal Code:
    • City:
    • Employer Telephone No. (254 711111111):
    • Email Address:
  3. Passport Information:
    • Passport No/Travel Document No:
    • Passport Date of Issue (DD MM YY e.g. 24 Sep 2015):
    • Passport Valid Until (DD MM YY e.g. 24 Sep 2015):
    • Place of Issue:
  4. Visit Information:
    • Reasons for Visiting Kenya:
    • Date of Arrival in Kenya (DD MM YY e.g. 24 Sep 2015):
    • Period of Time Required:
  5. Kenyan Contact Details:
    • Kenyan Postal Address:
    • Postal Code:
    • City:
    • Kenyan Cellphone No. (254 711111111):
    • Residential County:
    • Sub County:
    • Location:
    • Nearest Road/Street:
    • Plot No/Building Name:
    • Nearest Landmark:
    • Town:
  6. Additional Information:
    • Profession:
    • If Profession is Other, Specify:
    • Exemption/Gratis:
      • If Gratis, attach letter from Treasury (exemption letter).
    • Particulars of Any Previous Permit or Pass Issued or Applied:
      • Type of Permit/Pass/Visa:
      • Permit No:
      • Date Issued (DD MM YY e.g. 24 Sep 2015):
      • Duration:

How to apply for a Special Pass in Kenya.

  1. The application for a Special Pass in Kenya, with all the requirements is made to the Director of Immigration Services Kenya
  2. The Application form is submitted via a Foreign National services account.
  3. The special pass application alongside the supporting documents are then processed.
  4. If the Kenya Special pass application is successful, a Special Pass Approval certificate is issued with the terms of payment for the Permit.
  5. Upon payment, The certificate of special pass is issued.

Documents required for a Special pass in Kenya.

  1. Cover letter of the Business or organization.
  2. Copy of Bio data page of the applicants passport.
  3. CV of the applicant.
  4. Certified qualification certificates of the applicant.
  5. Passport photo of the applicant.
  6. Copy of certificate of registration of the company or organization.
  7. Contact information of the applicant.
  8. Contact information of the employer.

How long does it take to obtain a special pass in Kenya?

The application and processing of a Special pass can take between 2 weeks to one month to get an approval.

Can i apply for a Special pass before my work permit

Employers who require a foreigner employee to start work in Kenya immediately should first apply for a special pass. After it is approved, paid for and issued, the employee can then travel to Kenya and apply for a work permit.

Cost of Special pass application in Kenya.

The following are the prescribed costs for a special pass application in Kenya.

    Submission for application of a special pass is Free.
  1. Upon approval of the Special Pass Issuance Fees is $ 200 per month or part thereof. Maximum of 3 months.
  2. Prohibited Immigrant/ inadmissible persons: Kshs 100,000 per month or part thereof .

How do I renew / extent my Kenya special pass?

Generally a special pass is not extended or renewable beyond three months. However, in certain cases it may be extended. Such as

  1. Where the applicant has a pending permit such as a Class D Work permit or a Class G Investor Permit in process.
  2. Where the objective or purpose of issuance of the Special pass is incomplete and upon application to immigration department in writing.
  3. Etc - Any such extension is done at the pleasure of the Immigration department.

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The Kenya Special pass check List highlights all the requirements for a Special pass to be approved. Down load the checklist here. Immigration check List.

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