Buying a Business in Kenya, Kenya.

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Buying a Business in, Kenya

Preparing to buy a Business?

The Does and Donts.
In order to ensure that the purchase of a business goes as smoothly as possible, we would like to share with you some of the dos and don’ts in buying a business.
The following list is not in order of importance. In any given situation, one or more of them can be important.

  • Do your research, know exactly what you want and embrace the three rules of business.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, Knowing what business you'd like at acquire, is getting half the job done.
  • Do have a budget in mind, after determining the kind of business you'd like to acquire /buy.
  • The next important aspect in the acquisition is having a financial budget. This should not only cover the acquisition terms, but should cover other peripheral costs, Operation costs, Stocking, improvements and marketing.
  • Search for the right business. You Know the business you intend to acquire You have set up finances. Though in business brokerage, there is a quote “Never the right business”  Some business people turn a dead, obsolete businesses into a vibrant Business whereas some business people literally run down vibrant booming businesses.

Searching for the right business basically refers to looking for the kind of business you desire.  At specific locations that you prefer. That’s where we come in.

  • Tell Biz Brokers Kenya the kind of business you desire and with specific locations and we shall source out options to suite your needs.

Usually business sellers, No matter the reason for selling, get last minute cold feet, this is due to the attachment that grows between the owner, the business, he’s clients, suppliers Etc.  it is a hard bond to break and many a time do business sellers become hesitant at the last minute Its also their most vulnerable time and the best time to negotiate. Give an offer and pay.
We have many years of experience negotiating the sale of businesses, the buying of businesses, arranging financing, transferring agreements, renegotiating leases.

Business compliance is our specialty, Business startup is our passion. We are in the Business of Business.