Product Certification and Approval , Kenya.

Whether you create, manufacture or import industrial goods, products or implements, you need to ensure that your products conform to Kenyan standards and regulations.

Our product certification and licensing services ensure that your products are in compliance with national requirements.

We offer an experienced, comprehensive product certification service all over Kenya for a wide range of Products including.

  1. Telecommunications and Information Technology.
  2. .Electrical installations.
  3. Consumer Products and Retail.
  4. Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery.
  5. Healthcare - Medicines, equipment and other Products.
  6. Aviation component suppliers testing.
  7. Other Products and Services.

Our Product certification services enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with Kenyan regulations and standards.

Our Service pushes your client and regulating authorities to recognize that your product represents reliability, quality assurance and safety .

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We provide practical solutions to individuals, Businesses and organizations for you registration and compliance requirements all over kenya

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