Mineral Brokers in Kenya

Biz Brokers Kenya is an independent mineral and commodities brokers specialized in physical broking of copper, gold, Zinc, coal, chrome ore, Tin, iron ore and other fine mineral commodity markets
As brokers our objective is to connect mineral miners, buyers and sellers of all commodities across Africa. Through commodity sourcing, price transparency and developing trade networks in Kenya and across Africa.
We believe providing practical trading solutions, opening avenues and creative sourcing of minerals across Africa. Our clients benefit from reaching Miners, sellers and buyers of base mineral commodities on the global market.

What we do as Mineral sellers in Kenya, Africa,

  1. Mineral sourcing.
  2. Meeting with clients and providing investment advice and market recommendations.
  3. Trading on behalf of clients.
  4. Liaising with transport, shipping and insurance companies.
  5. Negotiating price, specification and delivery details

We trade and broker the following minerals in Kenya and Africa

  • Copper.
  • Tin.
  • Iron Ore.
  • Cobalt.
  • Gold.
  • Zinc.
  • Coal.
  • Chrome.
  • Other commodities

For inquiries into mineral trade in Kenya and East Africa Send an email to info@bizbrokerskenya.com

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Mineral dealers and brokers in Kenya.

What we do <p>

We provide practical solutions to individuals, Businesses and organizations for you registration and compliance requirements all over kenya

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