Legal Risk management in Kenya.

Biz Brokers Kenya Provides you with Business, corporate and organization Legal Risk Assessment and management solutions all over Kenya.

Legal Risk management.. The evolving business and organizational environment in Kenya comes with its challenges and vulnerabilities which easily translate to compliance issues, financial loss, unnecessary litigation, exposure to reputation and financial losses

Every organization or Business faces one form of legal risk or another. At Biz Brokers Kenya we assist and help organizations, Business and corporates identify and measure legal risks facing their organization. We provides risk analysis, guidance and management solutions to mitigate the risk.
Our Risk analysis service to identity the level of risk and communicating the risk to the managements.

Legal risk evaluation

Legal risk assessment and evaluation is absolutely necessary for every organization or Business as a basis for implementation of objectives and for an effective compliance policy.

Why us? Since 2002 we have been in the "Business of Risk assessment, Business Due diligence and Compliance. We have built up a wealth of experience, networks, and a team of dedicated researchers all over Kenya.

We offer a detailed, well researched and reliable Legal risk research service all over Kenya.

Our Risk Service in Kenya include

  • Licensing and compliance Challenges.
  • Litigation vulnerability
  • Local legislation and policy impact.
  • Community impact.
  • Market entry overviews
  • Other risk factors.

Legal Risk Management

We provide the following risk management solutions

  1. Identify legal risks - This is 3 fold, To identify the sources of legal risk, recognize potential risks and document the risks.
  2. Analyze legal risks - Risk analysis is about understanding the identified risks
  3. Evaluate the legal risks - To evaluate a legal risk is to prioritize the response to the risk.
  4. Communicate and advise.

Looking forward to being of service to you.

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We provide practical solutions to individuals, Businesses and organizations for you registration and compliance requirements all over kenya

Research support services.
Legal risk Assessment Kenya

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