Cessation of Business name, Kenya.

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De registration of Business name in Kenya..

To close down, De-register or cancel a Business Name Registration, Proprietorship or Partnership is generally referred to as Cessation of Business Name in Kenya.

The Provision for Cessation of Business Name are given in Rule 8 Under Section 22 in the Schedule to the Business Names Act.

You can generally de-register a Business name anytime upon completion of the Business or partnership or upon death of a Partner or under any other circumstances which make it impossible to undertake to carry on the Business.

We provide Cessation of Business Services in Kenya for.

  1. Business Name registrations.
  2. Sole Proprietorships.
  3. Partnerships.
    1. How to De-register a Business name Registration in Kenya.

      To Process the cessation of a Business name an application for cessation has to be made to the Registrar of Business via a "Notice of cessation of Business name" Form.

      1. An application to the Registrar - Notice of cessation of Business name.
      2. On approval of the cessation, the registrar shall strike off the name from the register and issue a "Certificate of cessation of Business name"

      The Business name shall be deemed to have been struck of the Register of Business Names.

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