Registration of a Company in Kenya.

Whether you are a Kenyan or a foreign national looking to set up your business in Kenya, understanding the procedure and requirements for company registration is necessary. In this comprehensive guide, we walk you through the steps, requirements, and benefits of registering a Limited company in Kenya.

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Requirements for Limited company registration in kenya.

When registering your company in Kenya, you will need to provide the following information and documents

  1. Proposed company names for name search approval.- 3 names in order of priority.
  2. Objectives of the Company. The nature of Business / activities the company shall undertake.
  3. Names of the shareholders in Full.
  4. Names of the Directors in full if different from the shareholders.
  5. Contact information of the directors / shareholders. - Postal addresses, Email address and Telephone Number.
  6. Number of shares to be held by each shareholder.
  7. Proposed Physical address of the company. The Physical Address includes road, plot number, town, county.
  8. Email address of the company. Distinct from that of the directors / shareholders.
  9. Contact information of the company - Postal addresses and Telephone Number.
  10. Copy of ID / Passport of the Shareholders / Directors.
  11. Passport photos of the Shareholders / Directors.
  12. Copy of tax PIN certificate of the Shareholders / Directors.
  13. All foreign owned companies in Kenya must now have either
    • A local Director. OR
    • A certified company secretary

An application is then made to the registrar of companies. Upon a successful application a certificate of incorporation is issued to the directors / shareholders of the Company.

Steps of registering a Limited company in Kenya?

The limited company registration process in Kenya involves the following crucial steps.

  1. Name Search The Proposed company name must be searched and reserved pending registration. Names can only be reserved for thirty days.
    Application for reservation of a name are made filling out Form CR 14. It is important to note that Name search and company registration are unified and not done separately. Three names must be provided in order of preference.
  2. Documents prescribed for incorporation of a company. The following forms are required for registration.
    • Form CR 1 - Application for registration of a Limited company, Unlimited company or a company limited by guarantee
    • Form CR 2 - Model memorandum for a company with a share capital
    • Form CR 8 - Notice of Residential address of the Directors
    • Statement of nominal capital - Declaration of Nominal Capital of the company
    • Form BOF 1 - Register of beneficial owners of a company.
  3. Only companies with a Nominal capital of over Kes 5,000,000 or companies with only Foreign Directors and shareholders are required to appoint a Certified company Secretary.
  4. The Statement of Nominal capital is exempted from stamp duty under the new company regulations

  5. Payment - Once all application documents are compiled and uploaded into the BRS system. The application payment is done and the application submitted for process.
  6. Registration - Upon a successful application the company registration certificate is processed and a certificate of incorporation is issued thereafter.

Documents required to register a Limited company in Kenya.

The following documents are required in order to process an application for registration of a company in Kenya,

  1. National Identity card number for Kenyan citizens.
  2. Registered iTax number for Kenyan citizens.
  3. Copy of Bio-data page of passport for foreign nations.
  4. Clear passport photo preferably in a white background.
  5. Where a company is a shareholder. - Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company.

Eligibility to register a company in Kenya.

  1. Any Adult Kenyan
  2. A local registered company
  3. A undeclared bankrupt
  4. A Foreign National intending to register a company in Kenya Must have the following
    • Have a local Kenyan Director.
    • Appoint a local registered Certified company secretary.
    • Be a legal resident with a Immigration permit and alien certificate.

How many directors can a limited company in Kenya have?

Under Kenyan company Law, you can have a minimum of 1 shareholder / Director and not more than 20 directors and or shareholders

Shareholding of a Limited company in Kenya.

The shareholding of a company in Kenya is determined by the Nominal capital of the company and the Classes of the shares in the company.
You may have a Nominal capital of as low as KES 100.

It is important to note that companies with nominal capital over 5,000,000 are required to appoint a CPS - Certified company secretary.

How can I check if a Limited company is registered in Kenya?

You can confirm if a company is registered in Kenya by applying for a CR12 or official search via the ecitizen website. A CR12 provides information about the following.

  1. Name of company
  2. Date of registration of a company
  3. Registration number of the company
  4. Registered address of the company
  5. Nominal capital of the company
  6. Directors and shareholders in the company.

What is the Cost of registering a company in kenya?

  1. Company registration and Name search with a Nominal capital of up-to 5,000,000 KES 10,650
  2. Consultation and processing on request.

At Biz Brokers Kenya we assist you with the process of registering your company in kenya.

How long does it take to register a Limited company

We process Limited company registrations in Averagely two days. The duration for registration is largely affected by the bulk of applications, system up-times, public holidays etc.

Benefits of registering a Limited company in Kenya.

  1. Acknowledgment as a legal entity by the government of Kenya.
  2. Creates brand recognition and legitimacy.
  3. Enables you trade and do business with the government, private sector and public.
  4. You can open a bank account in your company name and access finance opportunities.
  5. Enables registration of trademarks and patents for your business brands.
  6. Protects your business from copyright infringements.
  7. Perpetual existence. The company can continue to operate even if one or more of its shareholders dies or leaves the company.

Online company application Kenya.

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Setting up a company in kenya.

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Incorporation of limited companies in Kenya.

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