General Registration Services.

Find below some of our common registration services for ease of Selection. We offer affordable, fast and reliable registration services.

Registration Table

Complete Corporate Business setup Extras on demand

Complete company set up.
  • Company Registration
  • Foreign Director PIN
  • Company PIN
  • Company Bank account
  • Foreign Director Bank account.
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Foreign Company Setup

Foreign Company Set up.
  • Local Representative
  • Certification of Foreign Documents
  • Foreign Company registration
  • Certificate of Compliance.
  • Foreign Director PIN
  • Foreign company PIN/VAT
  • Bank Account
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Business Name Registration.

Business Name

Trademark Registration.

Trademark Set up.
  • Trademark Search
  • Application for registration.
  • Submission of documents.
  • Examination.
  • Approval
  • Advertisment of Mark
  • Registration.
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