To register a limited liability company in Kenya takes an average of 4 to 10 days depending on the bulk of process at the company registry. Make sure your application details are in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.
A name search is the process of establishing if a proposed Business name is acceptable to be registered and if so, the reservation of the name to be used in your registration process. Currently the search and registration of Business names has been integrated into the registration process. You cannot carry out an independent name search. The name search and registration is done together, you provide 3 or more names in order of priority, whichever name is approved is then registered.
There are essentially four common types of companies provided for under the companies Act in Kenya.
  1. Company Limited By Shares – A separate legal entity from the shareholders. Has a minimum of one shareholder and one director. Who are issued with shares in the company? Established to make a profit with profits being distributed to the shareholders in the form of dividends.
  2. Company Limited By Guarantee – A form of limited company similar to a company limited by shares, does not have shareholders, but instead, its members act as 'guarantors' who agree to contribute a set amount of money on the winding up of the Company. This form of limited company is often used for non-profit reasons as it does not need to involve profit orientated business activities.
  3. Public Limited Company – This is a limited company which is allowed to offer shares to the public.
A work permit is issued to foreign nationals who already have a job opportunity in Kenya. It is not a permit to do business but to undertake specific employment from a legal entity in Kenya.
Your choice of immigration permit depends on your intention or purpose of stay in Kenya. You may apply for any of the following permits.
  1. Work permit - If you have a specific job or work opportunity in Kenya.
  2. Investor permit - Where you can show evidence of used 100,000, you may apply for a class g permit to carry on business in Kenya.
  3. Retirement Permit - Also called a class K permit, if you are over 35 years of age and can show you can sustain your life in Kenya
  4. Charity Permit - Class i permit is issued to folk carrying our charitable work in Kenya like missionaries etc.
There is no set specific Nominal capital. You base the Nominal capital on the value of your company, number and value of shares.
A foreign national may own a Kenyan Company only if he appoints a local director or a local certified company secretary..
To register a company in Kenya you require the following documents.
  1. Scan of your passport bio data page.
  2. Scan of a passport photo
  3. Where a company is a shareholder - a scan of the certificate of incorporation of the company.
  4. Form CR1
  5. Form CR2
  6. Form CR8
  7. Statement of nominal capital
  8. Beneficial owner form

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