What is tax compliance certificate in Kenya.

A Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), is a certificate issued by the KRA that is used to show that and individual, business or organization has filed their returns and is therefore tax compliant.
A KRA Tax Compliance Certificate is valid for a period of 12 months from the date it has been issued to a tax payer.

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Why do you need a Tax Compliance Certificate?

A KRA Tax compliance certificate may be required for any of the following

  1. Application for immigration permits.
  2. Tenders or contractual agreement with the government of Kenya.
  3. When applying for jobs in the government of agencies
  4. When running for public office
  5. Importation of Goods
  6. Opening of Bank accounts
  7. Application for a Single Business permit
  8. etc

How to apply for a Tax Compliance Certificate

  1. Log into your KRA tax account.
  2. Once logged in proceed to the tax dashboard, go to the menu and select Certificates.
  3. In the certificates sub-menu, select Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
  4. Enter reason for application for TCC
  5. You should now get a message alerting you that your Application for the Tax Compliance Certificate has been submitted successfully.
  6. You will be mailed an acknowledgment by which you can track your application and a link to download the acknowledgment receipt.
  7. Once complete, the certificate will be sent the email address you registered your KRA PIN with for you to download.

Apply for a Company Tax Clearance Certificate in Kenya

You can apply for a company or corporate Tax compliance certificate once your KRA account is up to date and in order.

How long does it take to get tax compliance certificate in Kenya?

The duration of processing of a Tax compliance can be anything between a day and a couple of days depending on the status of your account.

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  1. County of Nairobi, Kisumu Business Permit compliance.
  2. Immigration Business permit Class G compliance.
  3. KRA Tax compliance.
  4. Company resolutions and Bank opening compliance.
  5. Immigration Compliance.
  6. CAK compliance

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