Bank account Introduction in Kenya.

For any company to conduct and carry out Business, you require a Bank account in Kenya. Worldwide more or less all companies require a bank account to be able to do business.

Biz Brokers Kenya has over the years created and natured professional business relationships with several leading Banks and can provide introductions and account preparation services in Kenya.

Banks all over the world have adopted more or less similar compliance and security requirements.

Bank account opening requirements in Kenya

  • Introduction from a credible client, Lawyer or consultant.
  • Certified copy of certificate of registration of company, Business or organization.
  • Certified copy of company memorandums, constitution or Charter of organization.
  • Certified copies of Passports or Identity cards of the directors of a company or of the officials of an organization.
  • Proof of address.
  • Tax Registration certificate of the company or organization.
  • Tax Registration certificate of the Directors or officials.

Bank account compliance Kenya.

At Biz Brokers Kenya we assist in the processing of all required documents and compliance and provide you with credible Bank account introduction documents

Our Business service is fast and reliable. Coupled with years of experience, exposure and goodwill is whats makes Biz Brokers Kenya your preferred Business startup partner and market entry consultant.

How to open a bank account as a foreigner

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We provide practical solutions to individuals, Businesses and organizations for you registration and compliance requirements all over kenya

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