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Qualification for Permanent Residency in Kenya.

The Immigration Laws give provisions for Foreign Nationals who qualify to apply for Permanent Residency in Kenya.

The following persons can by Law apply for Permanent residency in Kenya

  •  Persons who were citizens by birth but have since renounced or otherwise lost their citizenship status and are precluded by the laws of the countries of their acquired domicile from holding dual citizenship;
  • Persons who have held work permits for at least seven (7)  years and have been continuously resident in Kenya for the three (2) years immediately preceding the making of the application;
  • Children of citizens who are born outside Kenya and have acquired citizenship of the domicile; and
  • The spouses of Kenyan citizens married for at least three (3) years.

Requirements for application as a Permanent Resident in Kenya.

To make an application t,o be a Permanent resident in Kenya you shall require the following.

  • Copies of academic qualification certificates and professional certificates.
  • Be able to speak in Kiswahili or local dilect.
  • Copy of Personal PIN certificate.
  • Documented evidence that you have resided in Kenya for not less than 7 years.
  • Copy of your valid Permit showing your status of stay in Kenya. Eg. Work permit, Class G permit etc..
  • Have adequate knwoledge of Kenya and the rights and Duties of a citizen..
  • Copy of passport of the applicant.
  • Application Form

How to apply for Permanent Residncy in Kenya.

After compilation of all the Requirements. The application with all the requirements is made to the Director of Immigration Services Kenya.

Once the application has been processed and is successful an Approval certificate shall be issued containing the terms of the Residency.

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