How to apply for a gold dealer License and Export License in ,Kenya.

Application for gold Dealer License in Kenya

To legally trade and transact in gold trade in Kenya, one needs to be a legal entity, registered and licensed to deal in and trade in gold and other precious stones, metals and minerals.

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Requirements for application

The requirements for application of a gold dealer License in Kenya are as follows.

  1. Application to the Commissioner indicating the minerals to be dealt in.
  2. Physical address of the proposed trading premises (office)
  3. Certificate of registration of company
  4. Company PIN Certificate
  5. Company CR12
  6. Copies of the Memorandums and Articles of the Company.
  7. Copy of Immigration Permit (work permit , Investor permit) of any Foreign applicant.
  8. Financial Statement / Bank statement of applicant company.
  9. Past experience in the trade or an indication of technical ability.
  10. Application made in writing to the commissioner of mines.

The application is then submitted in the prescribed form and goes through a rigorous process.

Biz Brokers Kenya shall be instrumental in your path to a legal and licensed gold and mineral trade in Kenya.

Gold export License in Kenya

Authority to export a particular mineral consignment is issued by the Ministry of Mining in Kenya and may be given per particular Mineral consignment upon presentation of the relevant export documents and inspection of the minerals.

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How to trade in gold in Kenya

Gold being elusive and aggressively wanted commodity, most people are in a hurry to carry our a transaction.

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